Sunway Students Ambassador

Sunway Students Ambassador
Sunway Students Ambassador

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Sunway Student Ambassadors (SSA) is a student leadership body led by a team of dedicated scholars. SSA aims to advance both academic and extracurricular distinction for all Sunway students, especially scholarship recipients. This includes cultivating a conducive and inclusive environment, in which scholars are able to develop essential soft skills and important values, such as philanthropy and perseverance.

SSA believes that it is imperative to cultivate these necessary skills in addition to one’s education, to provide students with a better foundation when moving forward to the working society.

Our Objectives


Serves as a platform for scholars to engage with one another in a positive environment.


Hone scholars with skills to further ignite their potential through various opportunities.


Cultivate a culture within compassionate scholars to give back to the community.

Our Departments

These four departments within SSA serve different purposes in fulfilling SSA’s objectives.
Buddies Programmer - Sunway Scholarship
Buddies Programme

A department filled with lovely individuals which emphasizes engaging with the general public to give them a glimpse of the Sunway College and University experience.

Publicity & Engagement - Sunway Scholarship
Publicity & Engagement

A team of creative and dynamic individuals working together behind the branding and engagements by SSA. Aims to reach a higher audience and values interconnectedness within the circle.

Pals Department - Sunway Scholarship
Pals Department

Driven by the passion to contribute to the underprivileged community, the Pals Department is where the compassionate and public-spirited unite and give back to society.

Special Projects - Sunway Scholarship
Special Projects

A department filled with “special” and passionate individuals who specialise in curating initiatives of all sorts suited for the Sunway scholars, Sunway student community and the public.

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