Lee Yi Xian

Lee Yi Xian

Lee Yi Xian

“If you’re feeling aimless or you don’t know what you’re passionate about, IT’S OKAY, DON’T GIVE UP. Let me tell you a short and inspiring story...

“If you’re feeling aimless or you don’t know what you’re passionate about, IT’S OKAY, DON’T GIVE UP. Let me tell you a short and inspiring story.

22 years ago, there was an unhealthy baby girl born in Kuala Lumpur. To be better taken care of, her grandparents brought her to Ipoh and ever since then, she recognized Ipoh as her home. Her grandparents love her a lot, but restrictions were often rationalised as it was a normal practice in elderly people. Thus, she was not allowed to have as much freedom as her friends had. She felt suffocated and unfair. All she wanted was to have freedom just like her friends. The feeling of not being understood by anyone leaded her to favour her friends more than the grandparents whom raised her. Until one fine day, the best friend whom the girl favours broke her heart deeply.

With zero special talent and skill inherited, she doubted if she could even achieve anything in life. Everything seemed impossible. As the saying goes, “after you hit rock bottom, the only way left to go is up”. This has never been true until she understood her inner self. She realized she should start focusing on something that would make her life meaningful, but she did not know what was she passionate about. Thus, she decided to put full effort on studies.

Thankfully, hard work does pay off; her results improved from being the last few ranks in class to achieving a second place in the whole form. However, life was never a straight line. Even after putting all the effort, she did not manage to enroll into the Pre-university programme that she wanted. Instead, STPM, which she once said she'll never take it into consideration, was the only option left at that moment. Though, that didn’t stop her because she knows that it’s always okay to fail but it never okay to give up. She worked even harder hoping that she could be able to create her own future thereafter.

Today I’m proud to say, that was me; Lee Yi Xian.

I’m glad and thankful that I did not give up since the day I was born. The credits go to those difficult days that kept me strong going and this was where I wanted and am now. Truthfully, I am more than grateful to be given this opportunity to utilize #MySunwayStory as a platform to share my very own experience in life. I am sincerely thankful to receive Jeffrey Cheah Foundation Scholarship, it is definitely a reward of the past, motivation of the present and opportunity of the future to me. I hereby seize the opportunity to show gratitude for this scholarship by continuing to push myself beyond limit every day, to live my life to the fullest.

Nothing is easy but achieving is always possible.

Work hard, stay disciplined and be patient, your time will come.


Lee Yi Xian
BSc (Hons) Accounting & Finance
Jeffrey Cheah Foundation Scholarship